Dubai Sports World


When summer arrives in the city, Dubai Sports World arrives at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). A longstanding fixture in the emirate’s sporting and social calendar, Dubai Sports World utilises just some of DWTC’s many versatile halls to act as an air-conditioned 25,000 square metre indoor venue for three months – enabling a myriad of sporting activities and events to continue, whatever the weather outside. With good reason, it’s become immensely popular with residents and visitors alike. Hosting numerous academies, fitness programs and events, from the casual to the competitive, the summer-long programme suits sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities – from recreational athletes to professionals, and even spectators. Organised by DWTC in association with Dubai Sports Council, this is a truly innovative use of a venue. Facilities include pitches, courts and spaces that are suitable for everything from football and golf to basketball and cricket: altogether, more than 20 sports are possible. There’s even a virtual reality gaming space, plus a downloadable app for visitors to explore the possibilities, check availability and arrange bookings.

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